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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  February 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning. we are live in healdsburg this morning. you can see they are getting ready for rain. sandbags are out. that is because healdsburg a big flooded area last time we had the big storm in december. but after a dry january we are getting more rain today and we have live team coverage this morning. it will be a little later than expected. we will chat with steve in a moment. it is friday, february 6th, go red for women day. i'm pam cook. sorry i forgot. >> that's all right i'm still with you in spirit. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. so where is it? >> it's north. it's offshore. it will get here but mainly windy this morning. >> we could see power outages if it is that windy. >> gusts 50-55 possible.
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we are getting reports in. there have been a few reports of light rain. you have to go pretty far north. generally it's cloudy and windy and mild this morning. we do have some of the most morning. i would think for majority unless you are north bay it will be dry. cloudy, windy but the evening commute will be a mess. as rain moves through it will be windy at times. our system is back here. i mean it has a ways to go and there is actually dry air filtering out ahead of it. once it arrives late morning or early afternoon, then the rain will pick up. there are a few bans. nothing too heavy. up into lake county and mendocino county. if you go far enough north, you can find 3-7 inches of rain. that is really warm.
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be advised. cloudy and windy. 60s on the highs. more likely this afternoon for the evening commute >> this afternoon's commute is not going to be the greatest. no major problems getting out to the maze. bay bridge toll plaza still 15- 20 minutes. and then it looks good coming on to that span. rain is heading back to the bay area where people are preparing for the possibility of
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flooding. good morning alex. >> reporter: pam, good morning to you. just some really light rain here in healdsburg so far this morning. of course everyone expecting a lot of the heavier stuff to arrive later on today and they are prepared here in the downtown area. we are right here on healdsburg avenue. as we flip you around here you can see the sandbags are stacked up and ready to go. this is the same scene you will see as you go up and down through the downtown area. as they are expecting as much as 7-inches of rain over the next several days. there are flash flood watches that will be in effect in the north bay. this is the first real rain we are getting in northern california in six weeks or so. it will be a wet, windy system. periods of very heavy rain. yesterday this was the scene. people were busy filling sandbags in this area to protect their homes by
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flooding. they got slammed back in december with that last storm. the stores many of them flooded. they were overwhelmed by that drenching rain. healdsburg city manager says he doesn't want them to be caught off guard. >> what i would say is make sure you clear out your storm drains around your house. make sure your gutters are cleaned. that's what causes a lot of the problems. >> reporter: you can also find a lot of the sandbags in the fire stations in this area as well. we are also very concerned about the high winds as well that will be associated with this system that could bring the potential for falling trees and down power lines as well. bring you back out here live. this is what you see as you move up and down the street. sandbags everywhere you look. people really do not want to take any chances because the
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flatting in this area was really bad last time around. so far this morning very light rain. >> thank you. we'll continue to check in with you. see when the rain starts coming in. 6:04 is the time. from the north bay and pretty much all over the bay area crews are expected to be busy cleaning up from the storm. chain saws were working over time in orinda clearing tree that were in danger of toppling on to some power lines. in san francisco sewer crews clearing out catch spaces. tara moriarty will have more on the reason crews are adding extra staff this weekend. our weather team tracking the storm. steve will be detailing the timeline throughout the morning. stay bus throughout the day as the rain gets stronger. time is 6:05. traffic back to normal at this hour in fremont after a horrible crash killed a wrongway driver. janine de la vega is joining us
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live now. you're along interstate 880 where some of the lanes were shut down. what is the situation out there now? >> reporter: all lanes of southbound 880 are open but earlier this was a devastating scene. [ inaudible ] officers were called in at 12:30 a.m.. and was heading northbound just before thornton avenue. it collided head on with a pickup truck carrying three men. the chp says the impact was so powerful that iter to the truck in two. the sedan burst into flames. a female driver died. the three in the truck were all rushed to the hospital with serious and possible life threatening injuries. officers have not released any names of the victims. there is still a lot of investigations. why was this woman traveling the wrong direction? and was alcohol a factor? this is a very tragic accident
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with deadly results. dave. >> thank you. we'll talk toulater on that situation out there. glad the traffic is back and moving again. thank you. time 16:06. in other news people around the bay area feltfelt an earthquake early this morning. it was a magnitude 3.1. it was centered beneath emerald hills in redwood city. this was about 3:44 this morning. as of now, we have no word of any damage or injuries. they felt it as far away as fremont and sunnyvale. we will keep an eye on this situation and bring you more details. san jose's man mission to conserve water during the drought could end with him paying thousands of dollars in fines. over the past new months glen replaced the grass in his front yard with cobblestones. a project that cost him more than $5,000 all meant to save water. now the city says he is in violation of a city code and if
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he does not remove the cobblestones by next month, he'll have to pay a fine of $2500 a day. >> i almost passed out. like how can you do that? i didn't even know. >> the city law says the first 25 feet away from the sidewalk cannot be paved because of parking complaints, drainage, and flooding concerns. he is working with the city inspector but will probably have to dig up some of the cobblestone. a silent vigil planned in san francisco this morning opposing controversial new morality clauses in the handbooks for catholic schoolteachers. san francisco archbishop released this document earlier this week and includes new language in the handbook that opposes homosex -- homosexual relationships. that may mean losing legal protection if they are ever
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fired. the vigil starts at 9:15 this morning at st. mary's cathedral. this is before a news conference this afternoon by the archbishop. there are reports that some oakland teachers are taking steps to express frustrations over contract negotiations. the chronicle says they are working only their contracted hours and no more. many teachers typically work extra hours after classes end. the district and teachers are at odds over pay and sin your -- seniority rules. we are hearing reports that cyber attack and anthem health insurance may have started in china. the cyber attack is being examined for possible connections to china. hackers got into a data base
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that contained information of 80 million customers. we are told no medical records or credit card information was compromised. anthem is urging its past and present customers double check your credit and debt card accounts. report any suspicious activity immediately and change your password. kamala harris issued a consumer alert suggested that anyone effected ask for a fraud alert from credit card companies. beer lovers already lined up in santa rosa. excitement surrounding the annual release of one of the exclusive beers in the world. >> a heartwarming story from target. how employees went above and beyond to help a young man who was heading off to a job interview.
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police in berkeley investigating annoys stent of shots fired. reporting shots fired near
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bancroft way. they found evidence of the shooting one bullet went through that window but no one was hurt. reportedly a chevy impala was seen speeding from that area. a san francisco bar will be closed for a month after losing its alcohol license due top drug dealing inside. yesterday alcoholic beverage control agents posted a suspension notice. the bar allowed 30-year-old bar back gabriel rizo to sell cocaine and marijuana inside but the general manager says management was not involved in any way and they have no knowledge of what rizo was doing. when the bar gets its license back it will remain on probation. it brought the nation's top law enforcement official to the bay area. u.s. attorney general eric holder made stops in oakland and san francisco yesterday. he was with congresswoman barbara lee who was in our
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studios yesterday. holder led a discussion at the federal building. it was part of his nationwide tour. some who were there called it an honest, heated conversation. >> there is no question that this city deserves an outstanding world class police force to keep it safe. >> i thought that there was a lot of hand holding for the law enforcement in the room. i would have preferred a more frank discussion. >> holder met with greg suhr and san francisco mayor ed lee. the latest unemployment numbers are out. it shows more people going back to work. 257,000 jobs were added in january which is much more than previous months. despite more jobs being added, the unemployment rate rose to 5.7%. economists say that is not necessarily a bad thing since
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they began looking for work. average hourly wages went up by $0.12. your time is 6:15. a teenager in north carolina got a lot more than he expected when he went to a target store he was going to buy a clip on tie. this picture we are showing you, this was taken by a customer who saw the teenager ask a target employee where i can find a clip on tie. the employee said we only have regular ties. then he brought over another worker to teach the young man how to tie the tie. but the service didn't stop there. the employee then found out that the teenager was on his way to a job interview so they took the time to teach him the proper way to shake a hand and how to answer interview questions. and then when the teenager left the store, everybody cheered for him. by the way he went for an interview at the nearby chic- fil-a restaurant. we don't know if he got the job but i'm assuming he did. >> above and beyond.
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oakland's blue bottle coffee has opened its first overseas store in tokyo. they posted this photo on twitter today. some customers waited in line for three hours to get blue bottles individually brewed bottles. a second location will open in tokyo next month. i have to say i was at the ferry building one time. i'm going to try this. and sal agave up. the line was too long. >> too dang long. i don't know -- >> really good coffee but i didn't want to wait that long. >> hey, listen, have you tried the coffee in the newsroom? >> there is nothing like it. >> there is no line for that. >> no comment. [ laughter ] good morning, everybody. right now we're looking at a commute where traffic will be busy but it's not effected by rain. as we go out to the east shore freeway we can see traffic is
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doing pretty well. no major problems. steve has been saying the rain will get here this afternoon and the evening in earnest. there has been some rain but it will not be heavy until later today. as we go to the toll plaza, it's backed up to the mccarthur maze. that is about a 15 minute delay and no major problems here. if you are driving in the east bay, we have not seen anything bad just yet. i think we having a little lighter than usual commute so far any way. 6:18 now. let's go to steve. sal there is a blue bottle over here if you don't know that. >> i know. >> they watch this. there is a blue bottle over here. >> and the line at that one over here is not that long. >> all right i will give it another try. >> usually. sometimes it's out the door. we do have a couple reports
6:19 am
of light showers. santa rosa to clear lake but the bulk of this system is come manager in later. once it arrives the rain will really pick up president the wind is a big factor here. it is howling. i know in the hills above los gatos that is 47 miles an hour. from pinole up to sleepy hollow reports of pretty good breeze. it looks like you on the back edge of that. it should be calming down. a little bit in lake county. around middletown or clear lake but nothing too heavy. but this is just the warm sector out ahead of it.
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and also near antioch and discovery bay. a little bit of light rain. emphasis on very light. it's the breeze and the warm temps. oakland airport 63 balmy degrees. and 61 menlo park. and palo alto and wood side. foster city 61. i think you get the idea of cloudy and windy. oakland 28 gusting to 33. there you go. the system is getting closer. the surface low everything is moving closer. tight pressure gradient. that will ramp up the south. look at that. i think you get the idea. it's a south wind and it's roaring up parts of the valley. 25 at mountain view. sfo picking up to 18. you can see the distinct back edge. you can see through the rain. some of the coastal hills you will take that moisture and lift it in cooler condensety. you can get really heavy rain totals. might have to wait a little bit
6:21 am
for that. two systems again. one coming in later today. the wind is already hire. cloudy and windy. the rain picks up later today. you might want to get out of dodge quick by this evening because heavy rain moves in. cloudy, windy for most. some light rain. but jury roomily waiting on that system to move this. 60s on the temps. it is really mild to warm. some upper 60s would not be surprised. rain moves in later on. kind of a break saturday and one more system sunday. that will be colder but quicker. might favor the north bay again. >> get ready for this evening. >> this evening looks pretty dicey. >> it's a good thing to let people know. >> all right, steve. thank you. it's 6:21 right now. gas prices if you didn't notice they are on their way back up a bit. coming up in our next half hour the two factors behind a spike in the last week. >> she said she wanted to teach
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power almost immediately after take off. the right engine went idle 32 seconds into the flight. they shut off the left engine in a failed attempt to restart both engines but it was too late. the plane banked steeply. scraped a highway overpass and crashed into a river. the bodies of 35 people have been found so far. eight are missing. 15 people actually survived that crash. a funeral is being held today for the driver of the suv in a new york train crash. 49-year-old ellen brody was one of six people killed tuesday night. a witness says she actually got out of her car when a railroad crossing gate came down on it. and then she got back in and drove on to the tracks. investigators are trying to figure out why she would have done that. full rail service resumed yesterday. nervous passengers left the first car empty because all of the people that died tuesday sat in that first car. this morning a really
6:26 am
strange story. a family went way too far trying to teach a six-year-old boy about stranger danger. investigators say the boy's mother, his aunt, and grandmother they hired a man to stage a fake kidnapping because this little boy is too nice to strangers. this past monday after the man lured the child into his truck as part of this fake kidnapping. >> the boy starts immediately crying when he's told he will never see his mother again. he will never see his house. when he doesn't stop crying, he shows him a gun. >>s man told the child he would nail him to the wall of his shed. investigators say the boy's aunt took off his pants and told him he would be sold as a
6:27 am
sex slave. the next day the boy told people at school what happened. the family members don't think they did anything wrong but all four of them are now in jail. that little boy is in protective custody. >> that is just a horrendous story. >> never heard anything like that. two young children locked in a truck for more than 12 hours the arrest that set up a frantic search. >> an we are live on the campus of san francisco state university. coming up the information we are just learning that has students changing their routines. we are looking at a commute where traffic on the bay area bridges is okay. >> don't let this low fool you. there is still a rain ban on the way. the wind is the big story this
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good morning, i'm pam cook thank you for joining us. i thought i was going to come in last night because the clouds got dark ands winds started coming. >> the wind is a big story. it is really cranking up for some. wind advisory is posted. there has been some light rain. most of it is favoring the north.
6:31 am
for many it will be a dry morning commute. it's the evening or afternoon commute you might want to get home early because that rain once it arrives is really going to pick up in intensity. there is very heavy rain totals well to the north. we'll see some of our heaviest rain coming in. flash flood watch out north bay. the wind advise i have is what is verifying this morning. the heavy rain comes in after. you can see there is dry air moving out ahead of that. peninsula and south bay where the wind has picked up. the system right there. that is what you have to wait for. it's moving here. it's not going to get here for a few hours. very light rain. especially from napa and santa rosa north. but also in the mendocino county. the heaviest continues to do well to the north. and then reports of 2-7 inches of rain. especially up in humboldt county. i know antioch had a little bit but that has since ended. the breeze is the big story and
6:32 am
the warm temps. that south wind is really oakland. picking up in novato. picking up in concord. everyone is south, southeast. the system is getting closer it will spread rain in here. the heaviest amount will be to the north. it's cloudy and windy. the wind picks up later on today. if you can work from home, that is great. heaviest rain will be north later on. here is sal with an update and the most of the morning commute we were right but the evening all bets are off. >> yeah i wouldn't want to be driving in that. i think a lot of people will be take heed and do something else. now if you do have to drive, now is a good time to do it. because we don't have a lot of rain out there. let's take a look at what we have with the bay bridge westbound. you can see traffic is backed up for a 20-25 minute delay. i do see lights out there. it could be a stalled vehicle. i don't think there are accidents. if you are drives to the san
6:33 am
mateo bridge westbound 92 looks okay. if you are driving later on, that means you be driving in poor weather. if you are driving in marin county, so far from novato to san rafael it is okay. a couple rain drops here and there but nothing compared to what we will have this afternoon and evening. it's 6:32, let's go back to the desk. after a dry january, the rain is coming back. finally here in the bay area. ktvu alex savidge is live in healdsburg to tell us more about how people out there are getting ready for the storm. good morning, alex. >> reporter: dave, good morning to you. we have seen light rain off and on this morning. in the downtown area. everyone bracing far lot of
6:34 am
rain as much as seven inches expected to fall over the next few days up here. flash flood watches are in effect across the north bay. this is the first real rain in northern california in about six weeks. and it's going to be a wet, windy storm system. yesterday people were busy filling sandbags, bringing them home to protect their homes from flooding. a lot of the business owners are not taking any chances because last time we had rain back in december they got slammed. a lot of businesses were flooded and had significant damage. at a nearby hardware store, the sandbags were going fast and they will continue to go fast in the coming days. >> some people took advantage of that but i imagine tomorrow morning after the rain that we will see a bit more action. >> reporter: and if you are in the market for sandbags today, there is a lot of fire stations that will offer the sandbags.
6:35 am
downed trees, downed power lines and power outages and again here in downtown healdsburg this morning you can see that this is the scene everywhere you look. sandbags all ready to go. they have the tarps set up as well there. >> pretty messy last time. all right we'll talk to you later. our team coverage continues up in napa. tara moriarty is where people have been stocking up on sandbags as well. flash flood warning has been issued up there in that area. tara you've got your measuring stick. >> reporter: i have got a shovel. i was filling sandbags. you kind of missed it. that was really fun. i was a little out of breath.
6:36 am
there is 44 tons of son in this parking lot. this is memorial stadium. some folks have decided to be good samaritans and fill up sandbags for everybody else. courtesy of the future farmers of america. they signed their names here. that was quite nice. all of these sandbags of course will be used to stave off poll tonal flooding. as we know this as we brace for this storm and in the east bay pg&e crews moved pine trees. the rain coupled with strong winds over the next few days does have some homeowners concerned that trees could topple power lines. and in san francisco crews have been working to clear some 25,000 catch bay since. >> when it rains f is our black friday. that is when we are out there in full force working 24/7 to make sure they are dealing with issues as they arrive. >> reporter: the national weather service has issued a heavy rain, high wind gust and flash flood warning for the north bay through monday and so
6:37 am
far it has been sprinkling on and off. same deal with alex as he was saying right now it appears to have let up. of course we do expect the heavy stuff to come a little bit later today. >> you are near the area where the woman was attacked and brian there is a warning for students and staff. >> reporter: yeah there is. an e-mail alert went out regarding sexual assault. not too far from here. police say the man who did this the attacker remains on the loose this morning. university police say this happened early yesterday morning again just before 1:00
6:38 am
a.m.. a woman was walking between burke hall and the student health center when a man pulled her into the pushes near the burke hall trash bins and the attack that happened. the person pressed a sharp object into her side and groped her. it went on for a minute before the victim cried out. for students they say they are reconsidering their habits in the wake of the attack. >> i always feel like i'm supposed to be safe on my campus. it's kind of threatening to think that something like that happened on campus and it could have been me. it could have been one of my friends. >> reporter: investigators also say the victims saw the man sitting at the metal tables outside the caesar chavez student center. the only description of the suspect is that he's in his late 20s. about 5'7", medium build. and he wore a gray hoody and blue jeans. we are between the science center and hensel hall. as you can see it's still
6:39 am
pretty dark out there. that is why police are asking anybody with information to come forward. they are also asking students if they are staying late to take advantage of university police escorts and call them if they do feel unsafe. guys back to you. >> brian flores live from san francisco. thank you. time is 6:38. one man was critically hurt in san francisco after being hit by a muni streetcar. the man tried to dart across the street but the muni streetcar hit him. this happened about a little after 10:00 last night near the warfield theater. so far there are no reports that anyone on the streetcar was hurt. a man who was hit by a car last week while he was chasing after his dog in san jose has now died. 54-year-old jesus was walking his dog last saturday near first and libber city street when the -- liberty street when the dog ran to the middle of the street. he went after the dog.
6:40 am
he was hit by a car. he died on wednesday from his injuries. investigators don't think the driver was speeding. berkeley high school is launching a new sexual assault campaign. now title nine patrol hits discrimination on the basis of sex under any educational programs that receive federal funding. on the december 1st, a woman filed a complaint saying her daughter had been sexually assaulted at school. the mom said she did not feel the school was addressing the issue. after that a dozen other students came forward and now they are promising a more open dialogue. a tech industry award show at davey symphony hall in san francisco drew two separate protest groups l.a. night. the demonstrators picketed the
6:41 am
crunchys award show. one protest group consisting of cab drivers demonstrated against ride sharing companies like uber and lift. >> why would anybody give a reward to a company that has gone around the world breaking the law almost everywhere they go? it seems not only absurd and ridiculous, but almost criminal. >> the other protest group says a growing number of high-tech workers are move swag san francisco and in the process forcing low income people out of their homes. people who attended the show says they understand the protest but they say the tech industry pumps money into the local economy and improves the lives of everyone. we know more about the massive cyber attack an anthem insurance company. coming up at 7:00 who may be behind it and how you can protect yourself. >> and coming up next new details on the man accused of molesting a young girl at a $0.99 store. his prior conviction that bares a lot of similarities to this
6:42 am
attack. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is going to be busy in some portions of the east bay. like highway 24. we'll tell you what is going on here. >> cloudy and windy. very windy for some. there has been some light rain but the rain is coming in sooner rather than later. we'll talk about that and updates on totals. our vision for partnering with more farmers, growers manufacturers is that eventually organic and natural will be the norm. for raley's that means a lot more organic and natural options on the shelf. and for our consumers, that means having a lot more affordable and readily available, healthy products to feed their families. sustainability is about making a difference in our community. it's about being happy, healthy and well for many years to come. to learn more, visit raley's family of stores on youtube.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time 16:44. registered sex offender accused of molesting an eight-year-old girl in bay area store he is due to face a judge this afternoon. and the authorities are saying he did it before. 33-year-old carlisle villazon attacked a girl in a $0.99 store. >> the tracking system and he had an ankle bracelet put him in about the $0.99 store at the exact time the crime occurred. >> investigators say he was repeatly released from prison after convicted of molesting an eight-year-old girl at a san leandro walmart back in 2010. this new charge if convicted could put him in jail for life. two children are safe this morning but that is after being locked in a car for more than 12 hours. their father was arrested in merced after people reported him breaking into cars, homes,
6:46 am
and businesses. the next morning the father woke up in his jail cell and realized he didn't know where his two young sons were. friends started a frantic search to find them. >> he knew his name and his brother's name and they were in good condition but they were extremely cold and they were like popsicles when we touched them. >> the boys recovering at the hospital. once they are released they will be turned over to child protective services. police believe the man was under the eninfluenza of drug -- influence of drugs. let's check in with tori campbell find out what is coming up on the next hour. >> good morning, dave and pam. stealing money from kids. the former president of the pleasanton american little league under arrest charged with embezzling thousands of dollars for a trip to disney land. how an attempt to cover up the crime led to a second felony
6:47 am
charge and how social media is helping the prosecutors case. >> different messages from the pope. why he says spanking is okay for kids if certain conditions are met and dramatic changes to public restrooms. how they are specifically designed to help homeless pilgrims. those are the stories we are working on for morning ons 2. now back to you. beer lovers they are already lined up in santa rosa for the annual release of pliny the younger. some of them waited outside the brewing company for up to 12 hours to get a taste of the extra hoppy triple india pail ale. this is one of the most exclusive beers in the world. it sold for only two weeks. the 2013 survey by the economic development board found out that pliny the younger brought more than $2 million in economic activity in that area.
6:48 am
the pliny release all of this coincides with the cart start of beer week in the bay area. i'm sure sal is aware of that. held their annual preparty celebration. the first of more than several hundred beer week events. >> i looked it up, there is a whole long story why it's called pliny. there is a whole story. too long to talk about. i had to look it up. where does that name come from? it's interesting. >> it's too long to get into here. but it is mighty good i tasted some of it. just for research purposes. let's go out and take a look at live pictures we have for you. you are looking at the east bay commute. highway 4 a little slowing in
6:49 am
bay point and pittsburgh. it does seem a little bit lighter than it would on a thursday or wednesday. i think people are hearing about this commute that you are going to have this evening. they are saying yeah, no thanks. let's move along to the maps. i want to show you concord to walnut creek. we normally have some red on the map. we have a little bit of yellow which mean there is is a little bit of slow traffic but it's not getting the volume you normally have. bay bridge toll plaza certainly a lot of people going in. we are predicting that this commute may be done by the time 8:00 rolls around. we'll see what happens. right now it's 6:49 let's go to steve. thank you, sal good morning, everyone. cloudy and windy. very windy for some. oakland hills up by piedmont pinole. i always have a hard time with this. gualo. it's one of those words.
6:50 am
i would love to be the mayor of the city but it's very windy up there as well. we also have a flood. look at that. it took me awhile to paint that. >> yeah. >> okay where is that rain steve? it's up north and offshore. eventually it will get here. fingers, toes crossed. flash flood watch out. there is a lot of moisture here. it's not here yet though. wind advisory that is verifying gusts of 47. up to 50 for some. there have been really good gusts. our system is offshore. it's making me very nervous. there is a dry slot coming in advance of it. but some -- for what it's worth updated totals. it's very light from napa to
6:51 am
santa rosa north. willis looks pretty good. fort bragg had 1.63. i know honny due has had over seven inches of rain. there is heavy duty rain far north. lake port is listed. there is a mild, mild system. the breeze 33 oakland airport due south. the wind the direction the wind is coming from also down toward santa clara valley. mountain view this is moffett. there has been stronger gusts than that. our system again is moving in. it looks like the heavier amounts will will be to the
6:52 am
north. i've seen occasions you get a howling southeast wind. i'm starting to think the rainfall rates will not be as heavy. it's been my fear all week long. you cool that and lift it and get hefty totals. two systems. one will be today. another one on sunday. there could be rain off and on all the way into the weekend as the system works their way in here. the first system moving in. moves in with the heavier rain. when is the big story this morning? cloudy. come rain. windy and mild to warm. tropical feel here with these temps. a lot of 60s. mid to upper. you would not be surprised. it will take a long time to get that rain down there. cloudy, windy. off and on rain will take us into sunday. >> all right, steve, keep watching. time is now 6:52. a san jose man's attempt.
6:53 am
he's trying to save water but this backfired. coming up in 20 minutes why the city says he is breaking the law he replaced his front lawn with those cobblestones. >> and he was known for his frugal lifestyle but no one knew how frugal until now. female announcer: don't wait for presidents' day to save on a new mattress. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now!
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we have breaking news coming in from the south bay. there is a big power outage in campbell. this is effecting about 2200 people. it also appears to be effecting that city's 911 system. the campbell police department tweeted out their 911 system is having technical problems but they also said their emergency calls are being rerouted to the santa clara county sheriffs department. we are checking in with both of those agencies that want to see if their response times are effected. we'll bring you more as soon as we get them. gas prices are edging back up again after hitting lows we have not seen in years. according to aaa, gas prices have risen about a dime in the last week. the nationwide average for a gallon of leg is up to $2.17. in the bay area the average price in oakland and san jose is $2.57. in san francisco a little higher at $2.69. aaa says about a third of the country still sees gas prices
6:57 am
above $3. >> gas has been great. travelers are more easily able to get out now and head to those close by local destinations. >> aaa says prices are rising because production has dropped due to unexpected refinery shut downs. and crude oil prices are stabilizing which could keep a lid on any more price drops. talk about a big surprise. a man in vermont that was known for being very frugal has revealed after he died to be a secret millionaire. his name was ronald reed. he passed away in june at the age of 92. he had a high school education. worked low paying jobs. when he died he owned stock and property worth $8 million. he left $6 million to the local hospital and more than $1 million to the library. >> mr. reed was very unassuming man that came into the coffee
6:58 am
shop on a regular basis for his breakfast. we will talk about that power outage in campbell. it's effecting the 911 system and after a long dry spell we are on storm watch. up next we have live team coverage of the rain that is heading our way and how people are bracing for the storm. >> some call it hateful and discriminatory. the action being taken against controversial new rules for bay area catholic schoolteachers. bulldog: mattress discounters presidents day sale ending? get up to fourears interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection! and, get a queen size serta mattress
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after weeks of dry weather in the bay area, more rain, finally headed our way. we'll tell you how businesses here in downtown healdsburg are preparing for the potential flighting. students at the university are shaken by a disturbing incident. the police are issuing a warning and students are on edge. it's been more than


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